Secrets for Beating out your Competition

By Brad Marketing

Secrets for Beating out your Competition

The other day I was thinking of the Johnny Carson show.  I truly believe that Johnny Carson was perhaps the most talented TV personality to host a highly successful TV show.


The Tonight Show at the time, brought in about 20% of NBC’s revenue.  


But you also had an upstart.  Arsenio Hall competition against Johnny Carson.  


When Arsenio Hall was asked during an Interview, “ What was your plan to beath The Johnny Carson Show.”  He said,


“Don’t compete.  Find what is uniquely yours.”


What did Artsenio Hall do?


He targeted a younger market with unique catchphrases and his infamous, ”fist pump”


The same goes for business.


Niches are too crowded to think that you will win if you compete head to head.  


Determine what is uniquely yours and you will capture the market.


Always stress the “Results” the individual will experience from your product or service.