SEO Predictions For Google 2015

By Brad Google Internet Marketing

The learning and growth we experienced last year made 2014 a banner year, and we’re looking ahead to the new year with excitement for what lies ahead. Read on for our predictions regarding major trends and happenings in online marketing for 2015, including a welcome for Google’s newest update.

Content, Content, Content:

Some of the biggest ideas in digital marketing for 2015 aren’t new. Content and user experience will continue to reign supreme with special emphasis on quality/engagement. The push for consistency will prevail on many platforms, calling for brands to carefully maintain their voices and to produce content that has maximum usability. It is also expected that an emphasis will be made on revising and expanding marketing budgets due to the growing complexity of SEO and online marketing in general. It’s no longer sufficient for online marketing strategies to merely be in place; more than ever, the strategies need to be innovative, creative and flexible enough to push information to the world wide web.

Something New and Shiny

New years can bring about the rise of new star players, and we believe that in 2015, Social Media and blogging will have a greater impact on SEO. By driving spikes in natural links and fostering motivation in prospective customers, strong social media campaigns and online/offline PR efforts can add shine to a company’s engagement and SEO standing.

The Latest Google Update… Peacock

Google Peacock: No one knows the exact due date, but we’re told that Google is expecting a highly-anticipated update to Social Media and SEO, it will likely arrive in 2015, and the word on the street Google will name it Peacock. The algorithmic update is expected to target genuine versus fake users and to compare user history with the relevance of shared and liked content. This update would quickly call out fake patterns and allow genuine Social Media efforts to enjoy greater success in the SERPs on Google.

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