Google My Business Launches!

By Brad Google Internet Marketing

New Landing page:
NOTE: This is for G+ Local Dashboards AND G+ Business pages. All the same platform!
In dashboard, app switcher is in top-right corner
Profile completion bar with explicit calls to action
Better in-product messaging and call to action prompts

Business Info editor:
List of things to complete
Specific fields open up dedicated boxes, like contact info
Links out to Help Center content
Other options at bottom of dashboard (Remove listing, report problems, get help)
View business on Google gives preview of business info:
1) In Google Search (With knowledge graph)
2) In Google Maps
3) On Google+

See reviews from Google and around the Web
Responding to reviews is available in-dash
Reviews analytics are available

Visibility (Views & clicks)
Engagement (Posts, actions)
Audience (Who is engaging with you?)