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19 Mar

4 Simple Steps to Boost Business Success by 40%

By Brad Marketing

“Poor data quality is the main reason for 40% of all failed business initiatives, according to Gartner Inc., study.”

Here is a quick rundown from Melissa Data Magazine and one of our Small Business Digital Marketing Consultants to improve data quality within your organization.

Step 1. Scrub and Sanitize Bad Data

Consider edits and adjustments at point of entry and then periodically

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06 Mar

Grow Your Business on Google - Reviews 101

By Brad SEO - Search Engine Optimization

There are 10 ways that online reviews can help your business grow…

1) Customer Reviews Build Trust

Hands down, reviews are the best way to build customers trust. As one business owner said; “If I say it, it’s bragging, but when my customers say it, it’s proof”! Reviews are ‘the evidence’ customers are looking for. A recent Nielsen survey found that online reviews build tr

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